Imagen del World ATM Congress - Expodrónica 2021

Chabela Buatas: “Expodrónica will have a new space exclusively dedicated to Advanced Air Mobility”.

The founder of Expodrónica, Chabela Buatas, explains in this interview the main novelties of the World ATM Congress. Conferences at the highest level on urban and advanced air mobility, demonstrations at the Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome. This year, as a novelty, the Expodrónica Pavilion will have a space dedicated exclusively to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

What will we be able to see at this year’s ATM and how many exhibitors will be at IFEMA this year?

At the World ATM Congress we will be able to meet first-hand the main developers, experts and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) through conferences in the different Educational Theatres (Spotlight Stage, Frequentis Aviation Arena, Wing ATM Theatre…), demonstrations such as those that will take place at Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome by UMILES Group among others, and, above all, great opportunities for networking. UMILES will offer a spectacular show of 200 drones that will surpass all expectations as the finishing touch. In total, there will be almost 200 exhibitors spread over an area of 21,000 square metres. This year we will also be able to see the new models of mobility with unmanned vehicles, their infrastructures, software, communications and much more and we will attend high-level presentations where the entire global industry will meet and discuss issues relevant to the needs and challenges they face and propose solutions to these challenges.

Chabela Buatas, founder of Expodrónica


Chabela Buatas, founder of Expodrónica

What can you tell us about the Expodrónica Pavilion dedicated to Advanced Air Mobility?

Among the main new features of this edition, the Expodrónica Pavilion will have a new space dedicated exclusively to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). It will showcase the latest advances in this new concept of more effective air transport of people and goods through the use of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) in environments inaccessible to current aviation systems or which are difficult to access for surface transport (high-density urban areas or remote geographical areas). Also, this space will host the latest technological advances for the development of aircraft and vertiports.

What can you tell us about UMILES’ sponsorship of Expodrónica? How did this alliance come about and for what purpose?

UMILES Group has been a sponsor from the very beginning in this commitment to building the sky of the future, supporting the integration of unmanned vehicles. This support is very important as it is one of the main players in the sector. We have created an alliance since 2021 where they are committed to Expodrónica to promote the fair in order to build a strong industry, an industry that is capable of achieving its objectives by facing the challenges ahead of us and developing a fair that brings together all the relevant players so that they can participate together.

Chabela Buatas, founder of Expodrónica

How would you encourage people to come to Expodrónica?

Expodrónica is the integration of unmanned aerial systems in the same space with manned aviation and, in addition, this year’s edition offers important new features that we have already mentioned. Getting to know what’s new in the industry, having high-level networking and finding out first-hand what it will contribute to society and how to participate in future projects is something we can’t miss out on.

How can those who want to attend register for an invitation?

Access to the event is free, anyone who wants to visit the event can register through the same link:, selecting the “Visitor” option.

It is very easy. The visit to the Exhibition Hall, conferences, workshops and all the activities (including those in the Expodrónica Pavilion) of the Congress is completely free. So, I would encourage everyone to register and attend the Word ATM Congress on 21, 22 and 23 June at IFEMA Madrid, as it is a unique opportunity.