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UMILES Next and TECNALIA present their remotely-operated and automated vehicles to shape the mobility of the future

Toulouse, 30 May 2023. UMILES Next and the applied research and technology R&D centre TECNALIA have launched their Intellydrive technology on various different vehicles. The presentation showcased the capabilities of Intellydrive technology in areas like remote operation and automated convoy driving (platooning) at the Mobility Solutions Show, a new event for companies on urban and intercity mobility taking place in Toulouse today and tomorrow. The goal is to develop technologies for the mobility of the future, which will help to create a safe, efficient, smart, sustainable sector.

In the field of Ground Mobility, this technology is based on Intellydrive, which combines remote driving technologies with automated driving solutions, allowing drivers to use a control centre to operate vehicles remotely with no limitations on distance.

Intellydrive also features technology allowing for automated convoy driving, also known as platooning. This technology allows two or more vehicles to drive together, in convoy, unassisted. The lead vehicle is controlled either locally or remotely, and the vehicles behind it follow automatically, requiring no human intervention.

Using these technologies, UMILES Next and TECNALIA create efficient, electric vehicles which are operated remotely using the latest natural interaction and communication technology, designed for various operations and areas of activity: transporting people and cargo at ports, airport transport, commercial and industrial areas, on-demand taxi services, tourism and sightseeing tours, industrial logistics, last mile deliveries and deliveries in defined areas, among other solutions.

Thanks to integrated smart technology and on-board advanced environment perception systems, these vehicles offer semi-autonomous driving capacity and can be upgraded to fully autonomous functioning when the regulations and legislation allow it.

In Air Mobility, UMILES Next has launched successful flights of the eVTOL “Concept Integrity” in various European destinations – Jaén, Lugo and Toulouse – powered by its patented FlyFree technology. This milestone was achieved as part of the USPACE4UAM project, a European consortium aimed at helping to support the safe integration of mixed operations comprising both manned and unmanned vehicles. By running large-scale urban air mobility test flights, this initiative is intended to validate urban air traffic management with unmanned aircraft.