Stand de UMILES Group durante el World ATM Congress 2022


Featuring a more than 200 m² stand dominated by its second air-taxi prototype, more advanced than its predecessor, UMILES Group was once again the undisputed star of the Expodrónica pavilion at the World ATM Congress 2022, held at IFEMA in Madrid. The world’s largest air traffic management exhibition attracted over 7,900 attendees, who had the chance to visit around 200 exhibitors from 134 countries and regions, according to data from the organisation. The Expodrónica pavilion brought together various experts in advanced air mobility (AAM), unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM), autonomous and remotely piloted aerial vehicles (AAV/RPAS, respectively), and other drones and services related to advanced air mobility.

Presentation of the new Concept Integrity air taxi

The highlight of the event was inarguably the Concept Integrity air taxi, which captivated the general, specialist and financial media as well as visitors, who were able to climb inside and take a photo. This year, as a novelty, the open aircraft was exhibited to reveal a finished interior designed in collaboration with ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology. This updated version of the 100% Spanish air taxi with a finished interior is more evolved than its predecessor, and the event’s attendees had the opportunity to discover the onboard user experience first-hand. This is the aircraft that will fly in European initiatives within the SESAR Joint Undertaking, whose representatives also visited the stand to see the vehicle up close and speak with the team.

INTEGRITY 3 aircraft by UMILES Next, a major innovation

Another innovation displayed by UMILES Group at the event was the INTEGRITY 3 piloted aircraft, an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) short and medium-range aircraft. It seats up to three people, two passengers and one pilot, and can travel distances of up to 125 km. Reaching a speed of 220 km/h, this aircraft is designed for business travel, tourism and ecotourism. Its strong point is maximum stability at take-off and landing thanks to its patented FlyFree technology. Integrating the patent into this aircraft allows for the optimal efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft to be harnessed alongside this technology, which enhances passenger comfort.

Concept Integrity UMILES Next model

UMILES Group participated in a panel discussion on Advanced Air Mobility

Is our infrastructure ready for Advanced Air Mobility? This question was answered by participants in a panel discussion hosted by Sergio Cecutta, founder and partner of SMG CONSULTING, which included UMILES Group CEO Carlos Poveda and other sector representatives, held in the Civil UAVS Initiative Theatre. During the event, conversations about the sector took place in seven theatres across 165 sessions, and more than 200 experts from the industry, the government, and educational institutions participated in different presentations.

Sergio Cecutta, founder and partner of SMG CONSULTING and Carlos Poveda, CEO UMILES Group, during the panel discussion on Advanced Air Mobility

Ground mobility solutions

UMILES Next’s ground mobility solutions were also displayed at the event. Although fully autonomous vehicles will not be feasible for another decade, according to sector experts, the partially autonomous mobility model is already here. In this area, UMILES Next is committed to remote driving, a technology christened INTELLYDRIVE and applied in passenger, freight and logistics transport.

Our 360-degree services with drones

UMILES Group also used some of the space on its stand to showcase its 360-degree solutions with drones: training, filming and light shows, among others. This edition of the event saw the participation of two new headquarters: Croatia and Chile, in addition to those in Mexico and Spain. Part of the international team also attended the event in Madrid.

Drones de coreografía de UMILES Drone Light Show en el World ATM Congress Expodrónica

The crowning glory at Cuatro Vientos

The Congress came to a close with drone demonstrations at the nearby Cuatro Vientos Airport, the oldest in Spain. SATURNO, our Spanish-built aircraft for the most demanding security and rescue operations, showed spectators in the aerodrome’s civil and military airspace just what it is capable of.

Iván Merino, drone pilot and ambassador of the UMILES Group, during the closing ceremony of the World ATM Congress Expodronica

Our ambassador Iván Merino, Spain’s most famous drone pilot, also performed breath-taking manoeuvres with his racing drone.

The evening event, entitled ‘Sky of the Future’, concluded with the UMILES Drone Light Show, an impressive demonstration by 200 drones flying in formation, setting a record in Spain as the largest swarm of drones flying together to date.

drone light show image during the closing of the World ATM Congress event in Cuatro Vientos
drone light show image during the closing of the World ATM Congress event in Cuatro Vientos