Population growth and population movement are closely related to traffic congestion. As more people move to the city, the number of vehicles on the road , especially during peak hours increases. 

The necessary transformation to self-determined and sustainable mobility is one of the biggest renewal projects of our time. The players who systematically promote transformation can create not only environmental but also economic and social value added.


UMILES Next, has decided to embark on a new and exciting challenge in urban mobility with the expansion of its activity to include GROUND solutions, in addition to AIR mobility – the origin of our activity – where we are continuing to develop our eVTOLs  with upcoming innovations. 

Together with our technology partner, Tecnalia, UMILES Next will lead the development of advanced mobility applications for ground operators, as well as aerial ones.

With this expansion, UMILES Next is positioned as a pioneer in the double commitment to new air and ground mobility. All our team is excited at this new adventure that we are sure will change the rules of the Next generation of mobility.